By undergoing eye surgery,
you’ve made an important investment in your eyesight

Eye care after surgery is just as important as the surgery itself. Be sure to follow your doctor-recommended treatment plan after surgery. Here are a few things to remember if your doctor prescribed LOTEMAX® SM as part of your treatment plan:

3x daily
Apply one drop of LOTEMAX® SM 3 times a day
No shaking is required
Do not wear contact lenses while your eyes are inflamed
Same amount of treatment in every drop

Important Instruction for Use

Turn the closed bottle upside down and shake once to fill bottle tip. No further shaking is required.

Please see Important Safety Information below.

At the pharmacy

If your doctor prescribes LOTEMAX® SM, it's important to continue with your treatment plan as prescribed. Make sure you receive LOTEMAX® SM at the pharmacy. Remember, there is no generic equivalent for LOTEMAX® SM.

If your pharmacist asks to substitute your LOTEMAX® SM prescription, contact your doctor.