If your doctor prescribes LOTEMAX® SM, it's important to follow your recommended treatment plan

Manage pain and inflammation after ALL eye surgeriesWhether it’s for cataract surgery, LASIK, retinal, glaucoma, or any other eye surgery, LOTEMAX® SM can treat pain and inflammation following all eye surgeries.

Designed to be comfortable on your eyes

  • No blurred vision reported in clinical trials
  • Comfortable upon use
  • pH close to human tears
  • Includes moisturizing ingredients
  • Low amount of preservative

Ask your doctor if LOTEMAX® SM may be right for you.


No shaking required
3x daily
Apply one drop of LOTEMAX® SM 3 times a day
Same amount of treatment in every drop, every time

Please see Important Safety Information below.

There is no generic equivalent for LOTEMAX® SM

If your pharmacist asks to substitute your LOTEMAX® SM prescription, contact your doctor.